Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome To My Blog!

And So It Begins...

I start writing here with lots of unresolved questions about this new venture. Will I actually ever post anything here? Do I really have anything at all to say, much less anything interesting? Will people visit my blog even if by complete accident I say something interesting or relevant or funny? Can a blog survive without having any theme or direction? Who am I anyway? And most importantly (and I think Douglas Adams would agree): When is lunch?

I guess my primary objective in starting a blog is to have a chance to write a bit and hopefully along the way find a primary objective for my blog. I suppose I'll probably write a little about my family, a little about food &/or wine, lots about gambling, board games, classic video games, and the Boston Red Sox, maybe a thing or two about my friends (if I ever get any), some commentary on politics (if I ever learn anything about it), share my musical interests, and generally babble on incessantly until someone tells me that I really should just shut up and spare the world the aggravation of reading such inane drivel. If I really get on a roll I might even grace you with a 'that's what she said' line or even practice the time honored tradition of sexual innuendo. It is probably to the benefit of any hapless soul that happens upon this blog that I never get on a roll. Now where was I? Ah, yes, wandering aimlessly.

If you are familiar with the novels by Douglas Adams or the films by Monty Python you may suspect from my writing style and sense of humor that I am obsessed with both. Of course if you are such a person you would also be stunned at how I could be influenced by such sources and yet not be the slightest bit funny. This is a conundrum even I cannot answer.

Anyway, my name is Nathaniel and I have a blog. Please give me your feedback or simply shout profanities in my general direction. I can take it. In fact, it would probably make me feel pretty special to know that somebody hates me.

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