Sunday, August 5, 2007

Topic Diversity: Strength or Weakness?

As I've been posting this past week, it has occurred to me that my blog has become quite topically diverse. Looking back over my week of entries, I've noted the following broad categories: Monday, travel; Tuesday, kids' games; Wednesday, gambling, online board games; Thursday, food & wine, board game session report; Friday, goal setting; Saturday, classic video games; Sunday, blogging. This is only a glimpse of what is to come since I will certainly cover much more ground in the coming months than I have to this point.

Obviously the major reoccurring theme here is games, so I suppose you could say I write a blog about gaming. Over the long haul, however, if half of my posts discuss the gaming hobby and half cover my numerous other interests, is that really a 'gaming blog?'

Many blogs out there display much more of a singular purpose, acting like a magazine or newsletter covering one topic in depth. There are cooking blogs, sports blogs, personal finance blogs, and many many more. These strongly themed blogs may have occasional side notes on other aspects of life but tend to be fairly focused. Can a blog gain heavy readership and survive with such scattered themes as mine? Obviously not everyone who might stumble on a particular post will enjoy all of the topics I discuss, but what are the chances that enough of it is interesting to the point that they become a regular reader?

Comments from the Mrs. just recently led me down another train of thought:

There are many sites that cover a wide range of issues, events and thoughts. Although this type of blog tackles many different issues, usually it has a strong sense of perspective to tie the whole affair together. For instance, an economic blog might discuss almost anything happening in the world today yet approach each point from the perspective of an economist. This in itself becomes the theme of the blog despite the topics of discussion varying to a great extent. Another of this type of blog would be a feminist one. The events, thoughts, and stories related by the blog's author, though covering lots of ground thematically, would all be presented from the feminist perspective. These strong viewpoints give like minded readers plenty of opportunity to connect with the site and keep coming back for more.

Though I do have my own perspectives on life none are so recognizable, marketable, or thematically consistent as those I mentioned above, and thus probably aren't enough to hold a blog together on their own.

Thus I'm left with a little perspective, a partial theme (games), my writing style, a wide variety of topics that may or may not interest readers, and (thus far) a remarkably consistent posting frequency. Is this enough for a blog to gain a loyal following and a little visibility, or must I change my focus to achieve those results? Should I simply quit caring if people are reading and be satisfied that my blog is fulfilling its primary task of giving me an outlet to practice my writing and explore my own thoughts and interests? Might a wide variety of topics even be a strength, perhaps attracting many different types of readers, each finding Splitting Eights via a post closely related to their individual interests?

Please reply. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this.


Yehuda said...

As far as ultimate ranking goes, topic diversity is a problem.

My own blog is very diverse. I asked my readers if I should split it into topic blogs, and they said no.

It's up to you.


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