Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Santa: My Board Game Wishlist

Just a quick post to ponder which games I'm looking to add to my collection.

Games I Love But Don't Own: Puerto Rico
I've played this probably 10-15 times now and I'm definitely ready to own it. My brother is the only person I know who currently has a copy and he lives in Kansas. This should be the next game I buy so that I can begin to introduce people in this area to one of the all time great games.

Filler Games: For Sale
I've never played it, never seen it. Quite widely recognized on the Geek as a premier filler game. Since my collection is quite lacking in that category I feel that I should add one soon. For Sale sounds like a winner.

Expansion For a Game I Already Own: Cities & Knights of Catan
I've played this online and love the richness & complexity it brings to the original settlers game. I have yet to purchase a Settlers expansion (besides the 5-6 player add-on) and I think this needs to be the first. I'm getting to the point that I'd like to add a little variety to Settlers since I've been playing it a ton recently. Not that I'm sick of the game, I'd just like to spice things up a little now and then.

Strategy Game I Have Yet to Play: El Grande Decennial Edition
After studying up on all of the strategy games I would like to buy this is the one that sounds most appealing. It is area control and I don't have a game based on that mechanic yet, and the game is #6 on Board Game Geek. I need to wait until I can be sure to get a 2nd Ed. copy of Decennial Edition because of the misprint problems with the original 2006 release. If I'm going to spend good money on a game like this, I want the best version I can get.

Special Mentions: Most of the top rated heavy strategy games on the Geek are on my list. I'm a little wary of games in this category, however, since I have not been thrilled with Caylus thus far and I had very high hopes for that. I remain confident that with additional plays and an open mind I will still grow to love that title, but that remains to be seen.

1. Tigris & Euphrates
Tile laying strategy game that many love and some hate. Sounds like it has a ton of complexity. I think I will enjoy it.

2. Power Grid
With a few worries about its dry nature (like Caylus?) I'm still confident that this powerhouse of a game will suit me.

3. Ticket to Ride
It feels like I could easily own another accessible gateway game and TTR should look good next to Settlers and Carcassonne, both of which I very much enjoy. Another game to start new gamers out with leading up to the more hardcore games.

Of course there are lots more, but even these I've listed so far will probably take me at least a good year to acquire (being cheap and all), so I should probably wait until I get a few of these before expanding on my desires any further!

Happy Holidays and Gaming!

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