Saturday, February 28, 2009

Expanding my collection, part one: Building Variety

So I lasted about six weeks between board game orders...that's pretty good, isn't it? I should have a brand new shiny pile of board games some time on Monday, and I'm pretty excited about the new additions to my collection. How did I narrow my search to these few? Over the next few days I'll discuss some of the most important factors.

New Directions

Each of my most recent two game shipments have been focused on expanding the variety in my collection. For instance, my previous order included Pandemic, my first cooperative game, and Memoir '44, my first war-themed game (unless you count the tired and very abstract Risk, of course). This current batch of board games pushes the boundaries of my collection by including Say Anything, a party game, Fury of Dracula, a more heavily themed American-style game, and For Sale, a simple auction game also considered a 'filler,' a very quick, easy to play game that can be played between heavier games, or used to wrap up an evening of gaming.

Part 2: Focusing on Simplicity

Part 3: Theme
Part 4: Number of Players

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