Friday, February 12, 2010

When the Mrs. Goes Away...

Last week the Mrs. was out of town for a conference, leaving me with the unenviable task of filling the void created by her absence. A clever tactic from my (now distant) school days came to me suddenly--brainstorming is what I need! What are my options to pass the time during this long and arduous week?

Let's see...cocaine? Too expensive.

Strippers? Overdone.

Philosophy? What's even the point?!

Then it struck me--boardgames!

Boardgames will guide me through this desolate time of boredom and despair! With a little cunning, guile, and perhaps some of those creepy dolls from Coraline, I might convince enough friends, acquaintances, and unwary passersby that playing boardgames with yours truly is not, in fact, a total waste of time.

Stay tuned for highlights...


Chris Norwood said...

I did the same kind of thing when my wife went away on her last business trip before our little girl was born, hitting 4 game nights in a row. It was fun, but I was pretty wiped out afterwards!

Have a good time!

Dave said...

I did this over Christmas break, during the three or four days my wife and I split up to visit our respective families. I played three games of Britannia, each of which lasted nearly until dawn. Also played Ark of the Covenant (the Old Testament themed Carcassone) and Vegas Showdown.

Anonymous said...

Do they even have strippers in Canton, NY?