Monday, May 2, 2011

My Games of Spring 2011

Early 2011 has been very sparse on the gaming front, as regular boardgaming has yet to materialize. My strategic energies have largely been focused on fantasy baseball and the construction of my Magic: the Gathering cube, a collection of a few hundred fun cards that can be drafted into decks and played on the fly. This is a way to play Magic that essentially creates a board game out of it--everyone involved comes to the table with nothing and builds their own deck from the common group of cards that gets presented to them. I've wanted to organize my cards in some way similar to this for a long time but only recently found guides online explaining clearly how to do so. Hopefully another month or so of trading will result in a cube that is complete enough to play.

Fantasy baseball is always good fun, though my team this year has had a very bumpy opening. I've picked up several pitchers off the free agent market that have completely tanked after joining my team. This has resulted in my team holding onto last place in both ERA and WHIP in my league and pretty much knocked me out of contention for the top few spots. Hopefully a few more weeks of strong performances will start to get me more competitive. My hitting is doing pretty well and I've filled some holes in my line up with free agents that should be productive moving forward.

Neither magic planning or fantasy baseball is enough to really scratch that gaming itch, so hopefully I'll actually start getting some magic games and some other strategy boardgaming in soon--I still have high hopes for this to be an amazing gaming year! [Despite, of course, all of the accumulated evidence to the contrary to this point in 2011... I try not to let evidence get in the way of a happy thought though, so I'll continue to ignore it for now.]

As always, thanks for reading, and hang in there until my next post which should be titled something along the lines of 'My Gaming so far in 2012.'

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Adoring Wife said...

No way - I am going to make it up to you and we will be playing more than EVER BEFORE!

You have been warned.