Friday, March 19, 2010

According to My Notes...

...I am ready to play Chaos in the Old World. Now I just need to feel better enough that I can reenter the land of the living. Hopefully that will be soon!

I actually found the rules to Chaos in the Old World to be very well written. The basic rule set has a number of different phases that are a little complicated, but the order of everything in the game seems very clear, and there are numerous examples detailed throughout the book. I remember being completely bewildered after reading through the Fury of Dracula rules (another heavy strategy game published by the same people as Chaos, Fantasy Flight Games).

Either these rules are better arranged or the game is simply not as fiddly as Fury of Dracula. I suspect a combination of each is responsible, but I suppose I find out when I play!


The Mrs. said...

Another option, one which I am sure makes a difference, is that you are getting better at reading rules. You have mad experience now ; I am sure that it would assist you in understanding these things.

Also, you may recall that you initially pawned the reading of Fury of Dracula off to ME!!! I didn't feel a whole lot of sympathy as I was wading through them, especially given my very limited experience.

Furthermore, perhaps you ability to read them is because I am getting smarter and intelligence is contagious.

Nathaniel Todd said...

No doubt I've gotten better at reading game rules. I recall being completely overwhelmed by the rules for Puerto Rico when I first read them, and I think that was primarily a function of inexperience.

As for contagious intelligence, I'll take your word for it!