Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in the Saddle

After a full ten days absent from board games, I played a quick round of Pandemic on BrettSpielWelt last night with Tom. We played on maximum difficulty (Legendary), he was the Medic and I the Generalist. Medic was strong as usual, helping with board control, but the Generalist still feels weak, especially in a two player game. We were desperately in need of a role that would allow us to find cures more easily such as Researcher or Scientist, as the player cards were falling in about the least efficient manner possible.

We finally did find a lone cure four epidemics into the game, but were far far from winning when the inevitable disaster struck.

I'm exited to get in a game of Ghost Stories with Zachary and the Mrs. tonight, and if I can learn the game, perhaps Through the Ages this afternoon.

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