Friday, March 26, 2010

A Pair of Favorites

We had Zachary over last night for games. Ghost stories was first up and we took a crack at Nightmare level, the first to involve multiple incarnations of Wu-Feng rather than just one. We took out the first of four, but after that nasty black ghosts and a tough one two punch of Wu-Feng incarnations brought the game out of hand. I was impressed by the new style of play however, and look forward to our next go round.

The Mrs. retired upstairs to study and Zachary and I pulled out Dominion for a quick game. We used the base set with random kingdom cards. I tried a chapel strategy and was able to pick up a couple of gold early, but Zachary managed to stay right in step and when I had the opportunity to end the game with my fifth province purchase I had the feeling he would still be the victor because of having more estates, gardens, and duchies. I delayed game's end to try to get a step up, but he was able to keep pace and take the last province to boot for the victory. I think perhaps key to ditching estates early with chapel is to have some extra buys in the mid to late game to replace those lost vps with a few extra victory cards.

I'm looking forward to playing Chaos in the Old World this weekend for the first time, and have been reading and taking notes on Through the Ages as well, though I wasn't able to get it to the table yesterday as I'd hoped.

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