Friday, March 13, 2009

Commitment to blogging

As anyone reading this will have noticed, I have transitioned from a long dormancy to writing on at least a weekly basis. I am pleased to be writing again, but don't know that I could say exactly why I am. Work and life are both fairly busy, as they have been.

I have been very much involved in the hobby as of late, so I presume that is the key reason behind my posting regularity. I have purchased numerous board games since the new year. I have played all but one of my games (Fury of Dracula--the rules are read, and hopefully it will hit the table soon!). I have been taking notes down about the game I intend to one day design (maybe next decade...) Ultimately all this adds up to lots of thinking about board games, and therefore lots of things to write about them as well.

I'd like to think I could sustain this output into the distant future. I could make the commitment to write every day, or three times a week, or what have you. However, I want this blog to be fun and informative. If I force myself to write when I'm just not feeling it, chances are it will be a chore to write and to read.

For now, I will do my best to keep thinking. And writing.

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