Monday, March 16, 2009

Too Many Puppies

We have a cute little book about a girl with a dog who has a litter of puppies. The puppies are adorable and cuddly and the girl's mom shouldn't make her give away the puppies! She is going to keep all the puppies.

But then the puppies start to get bigger, more rambunctious, and more trouble than they're worth. They take up all the girl's time and space. Puppies are a hassle! Perhaps she should give away all the puppies.

I am that girl. Except I don't have too many puppies. I have too many party games. They are taking over my life. It seems they are forever spread out upon the table demanding attention. My poor strategy board game collection sits there: sad, lonely, and ignored upon my game shelf.

Dominion takes it pretty well, being young himself. He sits there looking dejected, not making a sound.

El Grande is a little tougher and is used to standing up for himself (after all he is old enough to have a decennial edition, and he's an award winner), so he puffs up his chest and tries a demand: "Play me!"

"SILENCE!" Shrieks Wits and Wagers. "Do you think we care about you? You could be on Ebay in 10 seconds flat!" El Grande whimpers and backs down. The rest of the games simply cower silently in the corner.

Somebody help. I have too many party games.

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Anonymous said...

You are deranged.