Saturday, March 28, 2009


Tagline: Do you have what it takes to save humanity?
Designer: Matt Leacock
Published: Z-Man Games, 2008
BGG Rank: 22
Ages 10+
2-4 players, best w/4
(also playable solo or w/5 players)
Online Play: BrettSpielWelt

Personal Stats:
Plays: 16 (including 2 solo & 6 online)
Personal Rating: 9/10
Board Game Progression Group #4

There are probably hundreds of reviews of Pandemic online already, so rather than providing one of my own, I'd much rather list a few of the best places to look for information on the game. If you're debating on whether Pandemic is the game for you, check out the following:

(Image courtesy of Chris Norwood.)

You can also follow the links in the info section at the top of this post to visit other related sites and articles. If anyone would like help getting set up to play Pandemic online (or one of many other great board games), I'd be happy to help!

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