Friday, March 27, 2009

More Pandemic Punishment

Logged a couple of quick plays of Pandemic last night on BrettSpielWelt with Tom. Our first game on the site last week was such an easy victory that we thought we were getting pretty good at the game. We were wrong.

Both games last night seemed like they were within reach late in the game, but each ended in devastating defeat in the end. Our second play ended with Europe and North America blanketed with Blumonia disease; the game ended both because we ran out of blue cubes (actually we were short by six!) and because we exceeded our outbreak limit (going from six at the start of the turn to probably somewhere in the vicinity of 14...)

A third game would have been necessary to save face after such a humiliating defeat, but we opted for sleep instead. Sleep is important, you know, to fend off disease. Like Blumonia.

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