Monday, April 6, 2009

Best of Splitting Eights: 2008

Although my blog was practically lifeless last year, I still managed a few interesting posts.

Collecting the Super Nintendo highlights my interest in the classic video game console, and discusses where I fall in the battle between modern and retro gaming.

I discuss the classic E.R. Eddison novel in my post Mistress of Mistresses: A Classic of High Fantasy. This post provides a couple of examples of Eddison's stunning imagery and lists some prominent reviews of the book. I detail a few other books I'd like to read, several of which I have actually finished.

Finally I post my 2008 Goals Checklist, a thorough list of everything I planned on accomplishing last year, broken down by frequency such as daily and monthly goals. A mid-year progress report was also posted in July: Goals for 2008 Revisited.

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