Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sizing Up My Collection: The Rest

The only games in my collection left to cover are the odds and ends: filler, party, and abstract games.

Party Games

Wits & Wagers
16 plays

This is a great game that works well with almost any group of people. There is a little strategy, but mostly it is a light party game and a lot of fun.

Say Anything
8 plays

Say Anything uses a few of the same mechanics as Wits & Wagers but comes across as a completely different game, almost a half-way point between Wits and Apples to Apples. Whereas Wits & Wagers forces quick play through its timer, Say Anything can drag a little if players aren't really getting it. The game definitely needs to be played quickly and not too seriously to be fun.

These two games have certainly convinced me that party games are a good idea, and I can see owning several more, though perhaps not in the near future.

Filler Games

For Sale
6 plays

Really my only filler (unless you count Dominion, which is close), For Sale features interesting decisions in a light, quick-playing auction game. The Mrs. doesn't like it, so perhaps it won't be useful as a filler after all. I wonder, though, if she would like any filler, or if they're just too light for her.

Abstract Games

6 plays

I like Blokus enough, but I have yet to play it 4-player where it is supposed to be very good. Still good with 2, but since neither the Mrs. or I are that into abstracts, it rarely gets played. I suspect that I may grow to enjoy it more, but I'll need many more plays and the right group of people.

Well, that does it for my designer board game collection. In the coming days I'll most likely think about these games a little more and put together an updated board game wish list.

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