Monday, April 13, 2009


Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino
Published: Rio Grande Games, 2008
BGG Rank: 6
Age 10+
2-4 players, best w/3
Playing time: 30 minutes
Online play: BrettSpielWelt

Personal Stats:
Plays: 19 (5 online)
Personal Rating: 9/10
Board Game Progression Group: #4

My take on Dominion

A quick and very fun card game that centers on actually building your own personal deck of cards during game play. Your success at the game relies almost entirely on how you choose to build your deck and very little on how you play cards as you draw them. I enjoy Dominion because it is quick to play, easy to teach, and is customizable through the different cards you can choose to use in any given game and through the forthcoming expansions that will expand the set with many new cards. Dominion features a unique game system that you should definitely check out. Start with the first bullet point bellow to take a look at the game:

(Some of the card artwork featured on the sides of the Dominion box. Image courtesy of monteslu at BGG.)

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