Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Have I Been Reading?

I've been meaning to start a weekly post to highlight interesting reading around the board game blogosphere, so here's my first attempt. I envisioned this as slightly more thorough, but since I really don't have that much time to be poking around online, I'll start small.

This is not a recent post, but GamerChris wonders what the heck does hobby game mean anyway? I've wondered the same thing at times. Is Pandemic really that much less accessible than Monopoly?

Smite over at d21 Gaming is waiting for a RPG revolution akin the the Eurogame phenomenon in board gaming. He explains a bit of what he finds appealing in Eurogames and outlines what that might look like in the RPG world.

Yehuda thinks that Blokus kicks ass. I own the game, but since neither the Mrs. or I are particularly fond of abstract games it doesn't often hit the table. I do enjoy it, however, and this post makes me realize I need to playBlokus more often (especially with four players).

The Spiel episode #74, "Can't We All Just Get Along?," reviews Pandemic and Ghost Stories, two recent cooperative games. Their treatment certainly highlights some similarities between the two, and now I am definitely leaning toward purchasing the latter. I also read the excellent review of Ghost Stories by GamerChris, and watched Tom Vassel's video overview of the game.

The Board Game Examiner reviews The Pillars of the Earth, the worker placement board game based on Ken Follett's novel of the game name.

Well, that's all for now. Soon I'll be off cooking for Tastes of Spring, the annual hospice benefit. We've had lots of reservations, so it should be a great success!

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