Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gaming Roundup

I haven't played any games the last day or two, but the several days previous to that I played a handful.

One game of Dominion with the Mrs. Early it looked like I would take the victory due to my third turn buy of the witch and my ability to deal out lots of curse cards. The Mrs. edged in a few extra VP cards, however, and that was enough to tip the scales in her favor.

One game of Memoir '44 with the Mrs., a game she still does not enjoy very much. We played a scenario where all the Allied forces (me) were French resistance, and the Germans (she) had two special forces armor units that were worth an extra VP each upon defeat. I took this game fairly easily, with one devastating air strike early in the session.

One local game of Pandemic with the Mrs. and Lucy, played at the Normal difficulty setting, which we won. One local game of Pandemic with the Mrs. played on Heroic that we lost a turn before we would have won. Three online games of Pandemic with Tom (and Ben for one of them), two victories and a defeat, I believe.

Looking forward to more gaming weekends in the month to come, I hope! Now, however, I feel I need to cut back the games (especially online) to get a bit more sleep. Work is starting to get very busy.

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