Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gaming With Lucy

The Mrs. and I had Lucy over last night for board games, playing Settlers of Catan once and For Sale twice.

This was only Lucy's second game of Settlers, and although she caught on fairly quickly, neither of us put up much of a challenge to the Mrs., who won handily. This was one of those times where one player capitalizes on a few good moves and a few fortunate rolls to really build a dominant mid-game position. Truly she had this one in the bag very early.

Lucy won both games of For Sale, which makes her 3-0 at the game. She may have benefited from the Mrs.' attempts to defeat me, since the game seems to transmit strong effects from one player to the person on their left. So if I had to settle for a bad card, Lucy was probably getting a good one. Then again, perhaps Lucy is just a wiz at For Sale. Maybe in the future we will play around with changing seating order between games of For Sale and see what effect that may have on game play and results.

All in all we had a short but fun gaming evening.

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Anonymous said...

Your wife thinks you should update your profile.
Also, she wonders how she ever got mixed up with the likes of us.
Cordially yours,
The Mrs.