Friday, April 24, 2009

Devour Card Interactions

If you missed the card breakdown of my deck you can find it here.

The original central figures in the deck were the devour creatures:

Next, I needed somebody to feed to these guys, first creatures that don't mind being eaten, like these persist ones:

and this awesome new Jund creature:

and then cheap ways to get lots of little creatures:

Not only do these two cards play a crucial role in the overall deck design, they also work well together, since Goblin Assault tokens can be sacrificed to make Marsh flitter bigger.

So now we have new goblins each turn through Goblin Assault, Goblin Rogues with Marsh Flitter, saprolings when Sprouting Thrinax dies and every turn with Mycoloth, and a bunch of persist creatures that come back from the dead when they are eaten. All of these work great with the devour creatures, but there should be enough of them that some other cards that take advantage of lots of little creatures should be included too:


Torrent of Souls and Sarkhan Vol both pump up the token creatures for a big attack, while Nantuko Husk offers a very flexible way to utilize those tokens. Also, too powerful to resist is the combination of Sarkhan's middle ability with the Husk: stealing a creature, attacking with it, then sacrificing it to your friendly local zombie insect is just too much fun. Of course, if the timing works out that stolen creature could be consumed by one of the big devour creatures instead. One final spell remains unmentioned:

The life gain portion of this spell could be useful in some games but the real key is the damage portion. There will be times when my big devour creature will not be able to attack, or worse yet, my opponent will have something in play negating the attacks of all my creatures. In this case, Rite of Consumption lets me throw that 12/12 Mycoloth directly at my enemy and hopefully end the game.

So, I have a few decisions left to make here, which I'll get into during a later post. Deciding which land to include is one big project I've yet to tackle, so that will have to wait until then.

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Trevor said...

Interesting and deadly! Not many creatures on the cheap end, but I expect there will be mana accelerators there instead. Now, what shall I come up with to counter this?