Monday, April 13, 2009

A little feed reader named Sage

I've been looking for a better way of keeping up with the blogs I'm following, and have settled on a nice little Firefox add-on called Sage. Sage is a simple feed reader that has an icon nestled in the upper corner of the screen that activates a sidebar containing all the feeds to which I subscribe. Some time ago I tried using a stand alone feed reader (I don't recall which), but it was somewhat tedious to keep up with because I needed to open a separate program.

As it stands now I can do almost everything right through Firefox--web-based email, feed subscriptions, blogging, television (through many sources, esp. Hulu), and Red Sox baseball (, though I have to pay for it). I only wish there was a pod catcher add-on for my web browser to keep track of podcast subscriptions and downloading so I wouldn't have to fiddle with iTunes. I don't know that Sage is the best feed reader out there, but it is convenient, and it works great for my needs. If you use Firefox you should check it out:

Install Sage 1.3.9 | Visit the Sage Website

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