Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thinking About Goals

I've been thinking a bit about the best way to present my goals for the coming year, and really feel that my previous best example, though thorough, may be lacking somewhat in realism and focus. This is due to my goals checklist's aggressive nature--I'm simply listing too many things I'd like to accomplish in too many categories. These past set of goals may have given me some direction, but ultimately there was too much content and thus it was difficult for me to pay attention to them every day. What I need is something a little more concise, especially the daily and weekly portions which I intend to reference frequently.

Perhaps I need to think a bit more about how these different categories overlap, and how to best make progress in multiple areas simultaneously. Also, I need to do some thinking about some of the goals with which I don't seem to make much progress (patience with kids, daily physical activity). How must I frame these goals so I have a realistic shot at committing them to habit and following through with them on an ongoing basis?

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